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About us

Ever tried Indigenous fusion food? Most people haven’t, and they are missing out.

Here at Pawa Catering, we have made it our mission to showcase the incredible, flavours of native ingredients. Creative, inspired, and innovative, our team loves giving people brand-new culinary experiences.

We’re also dedicated to providing a sustainable and environmentally-friendly product and place of employment for Aboriginal communities. Pawa Catering has led the way in the native produce sector, and we work daily to continue empowering others.

Pawa means ‘to cook’ in the language of the Gunditjmara people

Pawa Catering was established by Aboriginal woman Niyoka Bundle and her husband, head chef Vincent Manning, from the Isle of Man.
Based in West Footscray, Melbourne, Victoria, Pawa Catering brings together Native and Western foods to create unique, exciting, unexpected flavours.

Inspired by classic family favourites, Pawa Catering satisfies cravings, expands your food knowledge, and delights your senses. We truly are a catering company, unlike any other.

Tailored catering services for your event or festival

People look forward to the food. It’s what they remember. It’s what they talk about for weeks, even years to come. The taste, the smell, what it looks like – the right food can elevate an event, celebration, or festival.

We provide unique, high-quality catering services for corporate events, festivals, and community gatherings of up to 300 people. Our menu is tailored to meet the specific demands of your event, whether that be a morning tea, and afternoon pack, healthy snacks, or hot lunches.

From moreish finger food to vibrant salads and colourful canapés, our dishes highlight the incredible produce that is native to Australia, giving your guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our people are the heart of what we do

As a part of fulfilling our core mission, our food is served by a professional and experienced team of Indigenous waitstaff. Our goal is to create a catering company that trains and employs Indigenous people in all areas of business.

We also aim to source all native produce from local suppliers in Victoria and New South Wales. These two states are particularly meaningful to us, as they have ties to our families. When we eat food from our families’ countries, we connect with them.
All other produce is purchased from top-quality local fruit and vegetable markets and other suppliers.

We work to minimise our environmental footprint

You care about the environment, and so do we.

We shop consciously to ensure our footprint is as small as possible and limit our daily deliveries to reduce the use of our company vehicle. We also use biodegradable packaging and disposable serving wear.



Owner and Operator of Pawa Catering

Cooking comes naturally to me. It’s something I’ve done for my family from a very young age. So, I decided to start my own business – a lifelong dream of mine – and Pawa Catering was born.

My catering business allows me to do what I love while showcasing all of the incredible First Nations Indigenous ingredients many Australians haven’t had the opportunity to try.

My mother is from the Gunditjmara people in Warrnambool, Victoria. My father is from the Yuin people of Bega, New South Wales. Wherever I can, I like to use ingredients from my families’ countries. I’ve always been inspired by my grandfather, who revived the Gunditjmara language and helped keep our culture alive. Naming my catering company Pawa felt natural, a way to honour him.

Today, I continue to work to better my business. I try new recipes and experiment with new native ingredients. It’s my passion, and I want to share it with Australia and the world.


Owner and Head Chef of Pawa Catering

Originally from the Isle of Man, I have more than a decade of experience as a chef. I enjoy combining my passion for traditional French and Italian cuisine with Indigenous ingredients and flavours.

I believe that native Australian ingredients are extremely versatile and add flare to all styles of cuisine. It’s my job to bring the Pawa team’s ideas to life.