Wallaby water – premium Australia spring water


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Premium Australian Spring Water

Naturally alkaline / pH 8.1 / Scoria filtered

From the foothills of an extinct volcano in the Victorian highlands flows a natural spring born from the abundant rainfall over the volcano’s dome. On the way, fine lava fragments filter out any particles from the rainwater and add a minute concentrate of minerals creating a uniquely alkaline source.

Emerging as springs on the lower slope of the mountain, our water is packaged at the source and notably rich in natural minerals with a rare and desirable pH of 8.1.

Notable trace elements (typical analysis)
• Magnesium: 26 mg/L
• Potassium:16 mg/L
• Sodium: 36 mg/L
• Calcium: 13 mg/L
• Bicarbonate: 180 mg/L

Leave your mark on
the world, not the planet.

75% of aluminium produced is still in use today, and takes just 5% of the initial energy consumption to recycle. In contrast, just 9% of all plastic created has been recycled. In Australia, just 1 in 5 PET bottles used to package water will make it to a recycling facility and only 7% is recycled bottle-to-bottle .

Wallaby is Australia’s most recycled and most recyclable packaged water alternative, it’s natural Australian spring water in a can. Simple.

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Dietary requirements

Dairy free, Gluten free